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Family & Friend Pics

Video - Bob and Marie's wedding shower July 1962
(updated 4/29/16)

Video - Krebs July 1992
(updated 4/29/16)

Video - Erica walking June 7 1992
(updated 4/29/16)

Ozzy Osbourne, from May 19, 1981
(updated 2/7/15)

Mom/Grandma's birthday celebration
(updated 1/18/15)

Brandy moves to Dryden
(updated 1/18/15)

Christmas 2014
(updated 1/18/15)

Fun at Dave and Buster's with Trevor and Dylan
(updated 1/18/15)

Bobby's graduation from Central Michigan University
(updated 1/18/15)

Ed Z's retirement from Comerica
(updated 1/18/15)

Amanda's graduation from Wayne State University
(updated 1/18/15)

Thanksgiving 2014
(updated 1/18/15)

Rockin 4 Noah
(updated 1/18/15)

Italian American Cultural Center
(updated 1/18/15)

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory
(updated 1/18/15)

Pics of Brandy
(updated 1/18/15)

Manlio's birthday celebration
(updated 1/18/15)

Noah's birthday celebration
(updated 1/18/15)

Motor City Aquarium Society Fall auction
(updated 1/18/15)

Dinner with our Irish cousins
(updated 1/18/15)

Noah's Fall Festival
(updated 1/18/15)

Halloween 2014
(updated 1/18/15)

Cheap fill up at BP !
(updated 1/18/15)

Trip to Westview Orchards
(updated 1/18/15)

ICFNB "I Care for Noah Bear" Spaghetti dinner at Villa Penna's
(updated 1/18/15)

Babysitting fun with Noah and Claire
(updated 1/18/15)

Trevor's Confirmation
(updated 1/18/15)

Strathmoor kitchen remodeling
(updated 1/18/15)

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Turzak (Turczynski) family

Full Turczynski family tree

Simplified, high-level family tree

(family tree last updated 12/16/20)

History of the Turzak / Turczynski family name:
Franciszek "Frank" Turzak (1883-1931) was actually from Russia. During the early 1900's there was a war or uprising where they lived, which is now Lithuania. Instead of being drafted into the Army he fled to Poland and changed his name to Turczynski. (Full story)

Franciszek "Frank" married Marja "Mary" Maczulewicz in Detroit on February 20, 1905 at St. Casimir Parish by Fr. Gutowski and they had 10 children. In birth order: Edward B (Myers), Barney, Boleslaus "William", Frank "Lefty", Stanley, Mary, Wanda, Regina "Virginia", Joe and Eleanor.

History of 96 Pollard street in Detroit, where they lived in 1918

Joe Turczynski (one of the siblings) fought in World War II (PFC US Army, 61st Infantry Battalion, 10th Armored Division).
He died during the war and is buried at the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial in St Avold, France.
He fought in these battles: Battle of the Bulge and Battle of Metz. More info forthcoming.

Michael Nelipovich photo albums (December 2020): (View all pictures)
or: (Diane and Conrad's wedding) (New Year's 1963-64 on Clarpointe) (Rich and Fran Jankowski's wedding)

(Sharon's photo albums - December 2020) (David's photo albums - December 2020)

(Family pic from Synyzyn wedding, November 1968) (Some other classic Turczynski family pics)

Krawczyszyn (Kranson) family

(Hrynko "Harry" Krawczyszyn's origins)

(Andy) (Andy's UAW Chrysler Local 7 union photo albums) (Andy's other political and UAW union memorabilia)
(Pics from Ed Ferrari) (more pics from Ed Ferrari)
(Virginia) (From Andy & Virginia's photo albums)

Uncle Mike Kranson's photo albums: (added 4/18/10)
(Wedding) (Family) (World War II) (Other pics)

(Some Bob and Marie history) (Other Krawczyszyn family history)

Bondi-Bonaventura family

Bondi Beach !

(Bondi family tree recent) (Bondi family tree 1800's) (Bondi family tree 1700's)

(Bonaventura family tree recent) (Bonaventura family tree 1800's)

(Egregi Signori) (Marie Kranson) (Felicita) (Marie Kranson II) (Early Bondi family pics) (VERY old Bondi family pics)

WW II Pics (Frank Bonaventura) (1930's) (1940's) (more 1940's) (1950)

(1951) (1952) (1960's) (in memoriam cards) (Phillip Bondi's business card) (Phillip Bondi's Ellis Island passenger record)

(Carmela and Philip) (Joseph Bonaventura) (Random old letters) (Carmela's graduation pics from Mother Cabrini, circa 1936)

(more birth, death, marriage and baptism history)


Graduation Party !
June 20, 2009

Senior Pics

"Wizard of Oz"

8th grade farewell

"Little Red Riding Hood"

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Birthday 2005

May 2005 pictures

Photo Galleries (chronological order):
(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)
Honors Convocation Prom Senior All Night Party Commencements


Photo Galleries (chronological order):
(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) ("The Marauder" articles)

Honors Convocation Prom Senior All Night Party Commencements

Senior Pics

2004 birthday


Fall Out Boy concert


Photo Galleries:
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
#7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12

Honors Convocation Prom 2005 Senior All Night Party Commencements

Senior Pics Through the years Fender bender


"It is so easy to get lost in the world, so it is here that I come to find peace." - Oakland Hunt Club

"A Time for Letting Go"

2004 Highlights Cleanup! HijackThis

ITIL Certification Windows Update Reset Make Win7 Sp1 permanent

Network flush Memories of Hazel Park Holiday Inn eSet Services Repair