Random Old Letters

(updated 1/27/09)

Latest translation for the above letter. It's a letter from Phillip Bondi's mother (Angela Terranova) to Carmela Bondi (Bonaventura) The 2 children referenced are Marie Kranson and Victor Bondi.

"My dearest daughter in law, your letter was for me like a balm of comfort, i admire your sweet speaking, surely you are really kind, your name is also so sweet, you are the only solace for my son, i'll be happier thinking that my son has a partner and then!!! i'm so happy to know that my son, Filippo, has two children, two little angels!!! my pain is can't meet you and children, but I hope to know them by photographs. Here your nephews Fedela, Iachino and Luisa are really happy about that and they say: "Ah! my uncle Filippo has a wife and two children, and we don't know them, we are so far, but if fate wants we'll go there". Dear daughter, I understand my grandchildren's enviable, they can't remember about the good things and your courage. The love between Filippo and you must be strong and let them envious. I hug you strongly, like my son and his children Angela and Gaspare, a lot of kisses by Fedela, Francesco, Iachino and Luisa, greetings from Francesco and Vitos' family (Filippo knows them). I hug you strongly and I bless you. Your mother in law, Terranova Angela married Bondý

The following 2 are the front and back side to a truncated letter. Don't know where the top half is !!