A Time for Letting Go

(updated 1/17/14)

by Zen Gardner

I think one of the keys to understanding everything going on is letting go. The very process of our minds to which we subject the reality around us is limiting.  We habitually use this linear reasoning process trying to sort everything out by previous understanding and knowledge, consciously and subconsciously classifying and sorting information into little bins and folders in an attempt to accumulate enough evidence towards some level of knowledge and understanding.

We ideally should be experientially based and transcend our limited minds, going by heart and raw contact with a greater reality.

But the world we live in doesn’t work that way. Call it the matrix, the grid, the collective ego, the illusory maya, an accumulated social construct or a manipulated hologram. Whichever, how we process information here is extremely important, especially in this day and age.

Why Things Stick

The goo that collects on our spiritual windshield is not the problem. It’s the windshield. We shouldn’t need one, we shouldn’t have one, and what is projecting and producing this protective windshield is the source problem. Call it ego or some kind of artificial sense of self, it’s a lie, a mistake, an aberration from true reality brought on by the nature of this limited dimension we’re inhabiting.

It thinks it has something to protect. All a false, created construct.

There has been a lot of intellectual wrangling about whether the ego is beneficial and essential or not. Without it, it’s argued, we couldn’t survive. Of course they’d say that. What do you expect someone who’s attached to ego to say? That’s like asking a Zionist if we even need Israel. We’d all be better off without it, it’s not necessary, in fact it’s hazardous to everyone’s health and well-being and has been nothing but a parasitic cancer on the earth. But what will the Zionist say? He’d go batshit and sic the authorities on you, if not kill you himself.

Ah, the lovely, protective ego.

Of course we all come equipped with this muscle called the egoic self. Some spend their lives strengthening, polishing and exerting these things over others like blind race car drivers plowing down the highways of life destroying everything in their paths. Even those who think they have the game down and play it just right for “success” to either gain power and self aggrandizement, or those those fighting for personal fear-based security, this false projection of who we think we are is a fabricated lie.

A blinding virus nourished and protected by its carrier.

Sure, it’s real unto itself, just as anyone can create words and make a sentence, or make their body do this or that, or build a life of accumulated knowledge and experience. But what is it in comparison with real Truth beyond this illusory self-reinforcing veil?

Who’s Your Helmsman?

Who or what is steering this thing called our life? Is it all ultimately reflexive and reactive, either to our current surroundings and input or that of previous knowledge and experience or some combination thereof? Or is there something else at play, a higher consciousness that gets buried under the rubble of ego and all it has created to assert and protect itself?

When we find that out we’re home free. The real us is our eternal spirit connected to everything. It is not separate from anything, which is what the illusion of this world is all about. Separation, competition, survival. But even in spite of the self-serving survival instinct that comes with our corporal experience called our bodies and minds, there is love.

Spirit emerges via the human heart, expressed in deeds of kindness and unselfish caring for others.

Totally contrary to ego. Of course certain forms of love also stoke and strengthen the ego game. But in spite of the separation ego reinforces, love comes through. It’s learning to detach from the limiting egoic world and letting its mechanisms dissolve that releases more and more of that underlying, all permeating Love.

The Importance of Letting Go

The times we’re living in are extreme. Every age throughout history has its own challenges, but the current information explosion we’re experiencing and the draconian control mechanism attempting to crush an awakening humanity is a lot to take on board. So it must be handled wisely.

The wisest thing anyone can do with all this is to let it go. And to do that we have to relax the egoic mindset and turn off its reactive nature and our attachments to any beliefs or coveted non-conscious perspectives we’ve accumulated.

We have to learn to let things pass and not try to understand everything so hard. To handle what’s coming down the pile we’ll need to learn to relax and observe. As the Buddhist expression goes, you can’t step in the same stream twice. The water has moved on. Let things move on. Trying to grasp the full nature of what we’re experiencing in this world today is like trying to set up camp in a hurricane.

Just let it blow and step back and enjoy the ride. As far as understanding everything? We have no idea what’s really going on compared to the true reality of things. There are going to be a lot of surprises, big ones, so the less attached we are to our current understanding the better. Just as we can see the issues the unawakened are having and going to have as things unravel, we need to similarly see ourselves in our own new paradigms and realize we can’t get set in our ways either in an accelerated state of rising consciousness while dwelling in a society that is unraveling

Besides, until we’re in that point of conscious awareness, any understanding or action based on that previous limited understanding is only going to reinforce the old system, no matter how reformed, it will just be another unconscious mind construct.

We Become What We Think

I’m not saying here to not think or analyze. I’m saying to not get attached to not just the information, but our hard set conclusions or even ways of thinking. Nothing is as it appears and in these rapidly morphing times illusions can compound quickly, or even come dressed as truth, and we need to remain aware of that. We need to process information, but without getting attached to it and thereby dragged down by it to lower levels of consciousness.

We also have to draw practical conclusions. Life is a series of decisions. The purpose of life is to find and release the inner Source of true information, and express it through personal realization – ideas, words and resultant deeds. But it takes time to arrive at conscious conclusions which is why the internet is such a valuable tool to help precipitate this current awakening.

The power of these realizations is that they become our guideposts. What we think will become our reality as we make decisions and judgements. So the more conscious, awake and aware one becomes the more their life will be a manifestation of the conscious, loving world we’re bringing into existence. We’re literally channeling a conscious existence and lifestyle and changing the course of humanity in each of our personal realms and that of those we influence, directly and indirectly. To operate from any lesser level of understanding will have negligible benefits and cause way more problems.

Paradoxically all this new information leads to more detachment from what we’re finding out is going on around us, as we realize our essential nature and let go of our old ways and detach from this world system. And responding to conscious awareness by taking responsible action provides a great wrecking crew for the ego. We can’t be the old, dead self when we’re busy being conscious. Awareness breeds activism and your world changes completely.

Learn we must, but in the words of Lao Tzu, “To attain knowledge, add things every day; to attain wisdom, subtract things every day.”


This outside information we’re processing can be empowering or toxic. Our perspective and how we process information makes the difference. Learning to let things pass, or if we hold them for awhile to then let them go, is imperative.

The world of the matrix is in the midst of manufacturing and disseminating a mega shitstorm, trying to confuse, intimidate and distract humanity with anything it can. Rather than trying to catch and analyze every bit of crap they’re throwing at us, step aside. The crap they fling doesn’t have to stick to anyone. Just don’t be in the way of it. Our minds are like virtual window screens – if they’re tense and cluttered with stuff that’s chattering amongst itself then the less conscious we are and the more stuff sticks to it. That’s when confusion and darkness set in and humanity becomes prone to manipulation.

To the contrary, when we’re not cluttered or clinging to whatever we’re attached to, the more the light gets through.

The less there is of us in this equation, including a cluttered mind or muscular ego, the better.

Light shines through openings, not closures.

Wanna be a good pupil of life?

Then dilate.

Let’s get out of the way so the light can shine through.

Love, Zen