Turczynski family heritage, 96 Pollard Street in Detroit
Franciszek's Draft registration card dated 1918 had the address.
My grandmother Virginia was born in 1918, so possible/likely they lived there when she was born.
The address was renumbered to 2280 Pollard around 1920, Frank appeared in the 1920-21 directory with that address.
The street is now gone, the GM Detroit-Hamtramck "Poletown" plant is there today.


Found Pollard street on a map from 1915:



DTE Energy aerial view from 1949:


The GM "Poletown" plant is there now, aka the GM Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant.
The approximate location of the street/house is circled. Not too far from downtown Detroit.
There were no freeways when they lived there!



Aerial view from 1981. Land clearing for construction of the GM plant had begun



Current view from 2020