Turczynski family pics

(updated 1/6/14)

Turczynski sisters...... L to R, Wanda (Szukala), Virginia (Kranson) and Eleanor (Nelipovich)

August 18, 1962 (Bob and Marie's wedding)
David Turczynski, Lefty, Helen, Sharon (Congdon)

Eleanor, with Debbie Crisci, and Stanley in the background

Joe and Mary Lollo

Lefty and Helen. Not sure who's in the background

Stella, Stanley, Joe Lollo, Andy Kranson (standing), Mary (sitting), Suzanne Kranson, Virginia Kranson and Helen

Back: Andy Kranson, Alma (Wife of Ed), Lefty, Ed Turczynski-Myers (Alma's huband)
Front: Mike and Eleanor Nelipovich

Stanley and Lefty Turczynski

Mike Nelipovich, Bob Kranson and Eleanor Nelipovich

Joe Lollo, Stanley and Lefty at one of the Dodge Park family reunions (circa around 1980)


Turczynski sisters.... Mary and Virginia

Bob and Marie Kranson's wedding. August 18, 1962
L to R: Eleanor, Stanley, Mary, Marie Kranson (in wedding dress), Virginia, Lefty and Wanda

My grandparents (Andy and Virginia Kranson) and my dad (Bob Kranson) as a baby