Turczynski family pics from Sharon's photo albums

(updated 12/16/20)

Lefty and Helen's wedding pic from August 30, 1941

1949 - not sure who

1956 - Mike Nelipovich, Diane Nelipovich (Crisci) and Sharon Szukala (Congdon)

October 1961 - Sharon Szukala (Congdon) and Sue Turczynski (Kinney)

October 1961 - Sharon Szukala (Congdon) and Wally (Nelipovich)

August 18, 1962 - Bob and Marie Kranson's wedding at Geisz Hall on Gratiot

August 18, 1962 - Bob and Marie's wedding.

Eleanor T, Stanley T, Mary T (Lollo), Marie Bondi (Kranson) Virginia T (Kranson), Lefty T and Wanda T (Szukala)

August 18, 1962 - Bob and Marie's wedding.

Sue T (Kinney), unknown in the middle and Sharon Szukala (Congdon) on the right

August 18, 1962 - Bob and Marie's wedding.

I can recognize Eleanor T (Nelipovich), Stanley T and Mike Nelipovich

Andy & Virginia (T) Kranson

Looks like Andy Kranson, Lefty T and Stanley T. Not sure who's in the middle back, and the young boy.

Eleanor and unknown woman

Jerry Lollo (Mary T's son)

Joe Turczynski and his wife. Don't know her name.

Letter about Joe's internment in France. He died during WW II.

Marja and Helen Pietras (Turczynski)

Marja and Virginia T (Kranson)

Marja with Lefty T and Stanley T

Marja with Lefty and Stanley in back (her sons).

Andy Kranson and Mike Nelipovich in front (her son-in-laws)


Michael Nelipovich with a date


Mike, Michael and Diane (Crisci) Nelipovich

Helen Pietras (T) and baby (most likely her daughter Patricia who passed in 1946)

This is believed to be Helen T too, with either Patricia or Michaelene T (Synyzyn)

Sharon Szukala (Congdon) and Michael Nelipovich

Sharon Szukala (Congdon)

Turczynski clan

More Turczynski clan.

Joe Szukala and Virginia T (Kranson) in front.

Then left to right is Wanda T (Szukala) holding Sharon, Andy Kranson, Alma Myers and Olga Nelipovich (Baldyga)

Not sure / can't tell who these people are

Virginia T (Kranson), Diane Nelipovich (Crisci) and others

Joe and Wanda Szukala